RE and Spirituality at SMAB


In this school Christianity forms the core of what we uphold and teach, and believe it to be evident in the ethos of the school. At the same time, however, we acknowledge and value the multi-faith nature of our community and society. St. Michael at Bowes aims to give its pupils an understanding of the Christian way of life. The school maintains close links with the parish church of St. Michael at Bowes and St Cuthbert’s. Our pupils participate in services there for some of the major Christian festivals, or on special occasions throughout the year.

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What is Spirituality at St. Michael at Bowes?

At St Michael at Bowes, we define spirituality through four key words/areas and facilitate the development of these through our ambitious curriculum, which is an extension of our Vision. Just like a tree (which is spelt by the first four letters of each word), we believe Spirituality can grow and develop over time and as we nurture Spiritual development or all stakeholders in our school community, we know they will benefit from the fruit of this in the future.

Transformation – The door

Spirituality is about Transformation. The image of the door is supports to think about the things that change in life when we go from one place to somewhere else. Think about other people who might be beyond the door. What do we have in common? What is different? How can we help? Change.


Reflection – The mirror

Spirituality is about Reflection. his encourages our school community to spend time reflecting on themselves; their thoughts, beliefs, values and feelings. Space to ask questions about themselves.

Experience – The window

Spirituality is about Experience. his encourages Imagine looking out of a window at the world around us. Think about its beauty and any questions or curiosities you have. Giving space to ask questions about the world around us.

Encounter – The candle.

Spirituality is about Encounters. An awareness of the things we cannot see in life, but we can feel. For many in community this is expressed as an awareness of God and personal faith. It is also about developing imagination.


We believe these four areas of Spirituality are accessible and relevant to all members of school community and can be expressed, grown and further defined in a variety of ways relevant to personal circumstances, views and beliefs. It supports our Vision as a community that is inclusive and welcoming of all, as we build on the firm foundations of shared values to have successful lives. We provide ample opportunities for Spiritual development such as creating moments of curiosity and wonder, posing Big Questions for debate and discussion and maintaining a designated Reflection Zone which is inclusive of all religious beliefs and world views and provides a safe and interactive space for prayer, reflection and responses.

Our RE pupil team developed these definitions for to help the school community reflect on these areas of their spirituality.