PE Premium Funding

The Olympic and Paralympic Games Legacy promised all schools an opportunity to inspire the nation to enjoy sport and sustain development with additional funding. The government is determined to secure a significant and lasting legacy with sport and PE occupying a prominent position on the school map- not only to develop children’s enjoyment of sport and physical activity from an early age but also to embed healthy lifestyles. PE and sports participation should be an important part of any school. In the academic years 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17 we were allocated £9745, £9735 and £9745 respectively, to develop PE and sport so that all pupils develop physically active and healthy lifestyles.

For this academic year 2019/20, we received a total of £19,350 for our PE premium funding.

Please click the link below to see how our funding is being spent for this academic year: –

Sports Premium Funding Breakdown 2017/2018

Sports Premium Funding Breakdown 2018/2019

Sports Premium Funding Breakdown 2019/2020

Evidencing the impact of PE and Sport Premium

Whole-school Impact:

 A shift in mentality: – PE is approached with a positive outlook and children are eager to try and explore new sports. More children are getting involved in clubs, refereeing at lunch times and monitoring PE during lessons and after-school. It has become part of the fabric of the school. Teachers are also becoming more actively involved in running clubs and are attending ‘staff games’ and fitness classes- leading by example.

  • New ‘House Cups’: – Competition is embedded into modules in PE and within standalone in-house competitions. It is clear that children have a ‘will to win’ which is expressed throughout their participation. Structured competition against their peers also allows them to experience officiating and the need for honesty, respect and fair play- in line with our values. We now have an in-house competition for gymnastics, football and netball.
  • External Competitions: – We now participate in many more competitions and tournaments year on year. We have won two league titles in Boys and Girls Football and the Borough Girls Football cup this year. We secured runner-up spot in the Netball League, Intermediate Gymnastics Competition, Borough Tennis Tournament and the Boys Football Cup. We have raised the profile of the school by representing Enfield at the London Youth Games 2017 at Crystal Palace. An amazing achievement and honour for the school.
  • Diversity of clubs: – We have increased and diversified sports clubs, ensuring that more children are able to participate. We have sustained the provision of Girls Football and Netball and now are able to offer Hockey Club and Tennis Club alongside all pre-existing clubs. All clubs that have been offered in the 2016/17 calendar can be found in the chart and table below.
  • Gold Award: – St Michael at Bowes C of E Junior School received the Gold Award from the Sainsbury’s School Games Kite-mark for dedication to provision in competitive sports and games. We hope to sustain our interests in the scheme and continue to provide high-quality sports and games.

Future Aspirations:

Health Promotion– We are looking to really push the message of health and lifestyle in the next wave of funding. We will be offering targeted programs and threading the message of health increasingly into our PE provision and deliver classroom based lessons, parent clinics and assemblies on the importance of a healthy active lifestyle and diet.

Young Leaders– Despite already having young leaders we feel this is an area in which we can unlock more potential from the children. It will hopefully be a self-renewing process in which the outgoing leaders train the new incoming leaders to follow the principles of sports leadership. Children will be become more involved in the organisation of House Cups, playground activities, Fundraisers (Sponsored swim, sponsored skip, Sports Relief) and our annual Sports week (encompassing Sports day). This will empower the children to make decisions and shape the future of sport at the school.

Sports News– In order to strengthen cross-curricular links we would like to regularly update the school on our achievements and provision. A dedicated team of ‘sports journalists’ will be needed to oversee reporting of sports events and news. This will be coordinated by the children and should ensure that all sports, events and news is up-to-date and accessible on all platforms (Db primary- school intranet, School website and School newsletters).

Sports Participation

After-School Club 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20
Football Team Practice (Y5-6) 20 22 22
Monday Football Club (Y3-6) 30 35 40
Dodgeball Club 15 15 16
Outdoor Sports n/a 20 25
Gymnastics Festival Prep 16 20 20
Dance Festival Practice 22 15 18
Netball Team Practice 30 25 14
Athletics Festival Practice 24 24 24
Girls Football Training 16 16 16
Gymnastics and Dance Club     15
Hockey Club (new for 2020)     tbc
Gymnasts In-house Comp   30 30
Football In-house Tournament   30 50
Netball in-house Cup   20 20

*over two terms