SMAB is one of 10 London schools chosen this New Year to receive a POP UP BOOK HUT filled with hundreds of gently-loved books. The London Children’s Book Project has supplied the books and hut, which is now proudly in place in our Quiet Area for the next 6 weeks. The children are very excited about taking part and selecting their books to read. We look forward to hearing all about their choices over the coming weeks.
The book hut will be open during the school day for children to visit as well as after school so parents and carers can also come and have a look.
We are now accepting donations of gently-loved books for our POP UP book hut. I have received several bags of books already from SMAB pupils keen to get involved and donate books they have grown out of.
Please have a look through your bookshelves and if you have any books you think other children might enjoy and you are finished with we would love to receive them!
Finally, don’t forget to come and have a look at our book hut after school ask your child to bring you along and explain how it all works.
Many thanks for your support,
Mrs. Levison