Collective Worship at SMAB

St. Michael at Bowes School, along with all Church of England schools, is committed to offering high quality Collective Worship. We recognise and value Collective Worship as central to fostering a sense of community and to expressing our vision, “An inclusive Christian Community building on firm foundations for successful lives.”

Collective worship is an integral part of our daily life at St. Michael at Bowes and plays a central role in the way we are continuously growing our community. Our Collective Worships reflect the three ‘I’s as laid out by the Church of England Education Office’s statement of entitlement and expectation.

Inclusive – While acts of worship are Christian in nature and will all reflect our Vision and Christian values, they all provide an opportunity for personal reflection on a variety of aspects of life that all children and adults can respond to. The RE Pupil Team work with Mrs Butcher to develop the themes for Collective Worship, which includes recognising and celebrating religious festivals and important cultural dates throughout the year – those within Christianity and of the other faith communities our school serves. Pupils are regularly included in leading and evaluating Collective Worship and share their own thoughts and ideas to big questions.

Invitational – Collective Worship at St. Michael at Bowes provides the opportunity to engage in meaningful ways (discussions, visuals, reflections) whilst respecting the rights, freedom and integrity of those who have different or no faith. Prayers are invitational and members of the school community are invited to share in the prayer being lead, say an individual prayer or reflect further on the themes and messages from the Collective Worship. This integral part of our school day meets each member of the school community where they are.

Inspiring – Our intention is for Collective Worship to be formational and transformational, enabling pupils and adults to ask and think about big questions – who we are and why we do what we do. It is motivational and encourages our community to consider different aspects of their daily lives and how they might think or behave differently, accounting for their own beliefs and the rights and beliefs of others. Each Collective Worship concludes with a reflection and prayer, encouraging each person to pause and consider what they might do as a result of the theme or message of the Collective Worship.

Aims and objectives:

  • Daily school worship which is central to school life and ethos of the school, providing pupils with an opportunity to reflect on Christian values and beliefs.
  • To enable children to pray and reflect, in a meaningful way to
  • To define and reinforce shared values and ethos of the school community.
  • To encourage the participation of all pupils in assemblies and acts of worship.
  • Heightening pupils’ awareness of questions relating to ultimate mysteries of life and of the beliefs held by themselves and others.
  • Marking and celebrating occasions of importance to the school, the church and the wider community
  • To ensure acts of worship are meaningful and relevant to all pupils.
  • To mark and celebrate occasions of importance or merit to the pupils, school and wider community.
  • To deepen and extend links with the parish churches of St Michaels and St Cuthbert’s..
  • For each assembly to offer an opportunity for reflection for all pupils.
  • For Collective Worship to offer opportunity for pupils to participate.

If any parent wishes to withdraw their child from all or some of our assemblies then please ensure that we are aware of your wish by discussing them with the headteacher.