Science Statement

Science at St. Michael at Bowes is exciting, engaging and purposeful. Through the topics outlined in the National Curriculum, each year group builds, consolidates and develops their scientific knowledge through practical and invigorating teaching and learning. As well as using ‘Snap Science’ resources to support with planning, teaching and learning of Science, in the 2019-2020 academic year we launched the exciting practical science scheme ‘Science Ninjas’. Both these schemes ensure the expectations for science are met effectively.

At St Michael at Bowes, we have been working hard on continuing to raise the profile of Science in the school. Our main focuses have been pushing the development, planning, teaching and engagement of practical Science and ensuring a clear focus is placed on key scientific skills in Science lessons.

Science Ninjas 

SMAB recently launched a new whole school scheme called ‘Science Ninjas’. This scheme encourages and promotes the teaching of practical science and rewards children for demonstrating one of four key practical skills in a practical Science lesson: observing, equipment, measuring and recording and they receive a sticker if they successfully demonstrated that skill during the lesson. Not only has this scheme raised the profile of practical science in the school, it has encouraged and supported teachers with the teaching of practical science.

As well as achieving Ninja stickers in school, you can support your child at home to receive a special ‘Science at Home’ sticker. This sticker is awarded to children who have carried out fantastic science learning at home (e.g. re-doing an practical experiment from class at home, researching about an area of science they find interesting, watching and noting down what they have learnt from a science documentary and much more). This sticker encourages children to continue developing their scientific learning and curiosity and home.





Science Week!

Every year, British Science Week run a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). This is a fantastic opportunity for the pupils of SMAB to show off their love of Science. Each year group plans fun, informative and engaging practical activities and the British Science Week association run exciting competitions and provide schools and parents with activity packs to support with lessons planned in the classroom and activities that can be done at home.
Click the link to find out more information about British Science Week: