At St Michael at Bowes, we believe that the most effective discipline is self-discipline and through our Behaviour Policy we have developed a framework to enable this to happen.

The school alone cannot instil a framework of discipline into children. It is therefore essential that parents work closely together with the school. Parents / carers and pupils all have a duty to play an active role in ensuring that the school maintains an atmosphere in which all feel proud of their work and conduct.

Through our Behaviour Policy we hope:

  • To develop a positive atmosphere which is based on a sense of personal worth
  • To provide a caring, friendly and safe environment where all pupils can learn in a relaxed and secureatmosphere
  • To promote self-discipline, fostering self-respect, respect for others, and care for the school in thewider community and environment
  • To provide a framework that recognises and supports the need for courteous and consideratebehaviour from both children and adults
  • To encourage the support and cooperation of parents / carers

‘Do to others what you want them to do to you.’ Mathew 7:12

Behaviour Policy

Summary of our Behaviour Procedure