Religious Services and Events 2022 – 2023


McMillan Cake Sale 

The RRS School Council, with the help of the RE Team, held a successful and well attended MacMillan Cancer Cake sale last Friday afternoon to raise money for this wonderful charity. Parents/carers and their children bought a mountain of mouth-watering cakes, doughnuts, and biscuits donated by so many people. Thank you to everyone who came, supported and bought cakes! In one hour, a total of £444 was raised.

RE Day 

To mark the beginning of a new school year, the whole school participated in the first of three RE days this year. With the theme of this day focusing around reflection and prayer, children were invited to our local churches, St. Michael at Bowes and St. Cuthbert’s, to join in on writing our own reflections and prayers for the year ahead, which they did with the support of Father Engin and Mark.

Each year group looked at 4 different aspects that could make up a reflection/prayer: gratitude, community, guidance and the world. We spent the afternoon discussing what each aspect meant to them and what they were thankful for or ask for guidance about to add to their class prayer book to use as their prayers at the end of each day.

Alongside this, each year group spent the morning looking at a different area of Christianity. Year 3 focused on ‘Who is the saint of our school?’ and explored the life of St. Michael, creating beautiful mosaic pieces of our saint. Year 4 looked at the Beatitudes and how they can influence a Christian’s way of living. In Year 5, they reflected on wisdom, looking at where Christian’s and people might gain wisdom from and how this could help their day to day lives to grow their knowledge and challenge their behaviour and thinking. Year 6 spent some time looking at what it means to go on a pilgrimage as a person of faith, and why some people might want to go on one.